Robert Nieland, DO

Born and raised in North Carolina. My calling to a life of service stemmed in large part from my parents' involvement in refugee resettlement and community advocacy while I was growing up. I completed my undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill where I was heavily involved with UNICEF and led the club sailing team. During my senior year I met my childhood hero Patch Adams, an encounter which was a pivotal part of my decision to pursue osteopathic training. I took time off after Uni during which I did research in Costa Rica, worked as an standardized patient, waiter, and nursing assistant, and started my MPH degree.

Threw a dart at a map and ended up in Denver, CO for med school at Rocky Vista University. I led the family med chapter at RVU, hiked/camped/adventured in the Rockies every chance I got, and through our global medicine program was able to do rotations in Kenya, India, and Perú during my clinical years. VCMC felt like an amazing fit during my audition rotation and the training was outstanding, especially the scope of practice of the current residents, grads, and attendings.

In my future practice I hope to end up doing a bit of everything a family doc can do, conditional on where my path continues to twist and turn. I have always dreamed of working internationally, as well as working among refugees in some capacity. Incredibly blessed to have landed here and honored to have the chance to train with this family.

Serving my patients is the best way I can think of passing along all the support and love I have received from every corner of my life. Thank you to all those along my journey that have enabled me to follow my bliss.