Matthew Lamon, DO

Hello! My name is Matt Lamon and I come to VCMC from Fort Worth, Texas where I was raised and went to medical school. My parents moved to Texas from Canada just before I was born and I was fortunate enough to spend summers in Ontario growing up hiking, biking, and paddling. My mom is a nurse and exposed me to international medicine early in high school. I went on several trips with her to Laos, Mexico and Haiti working with a group of surgeons that would perform reconstructive maxillofacial and urological procedures for communities abroad. Working with this team in such resource-limited settings greatly expanded my worldview and instilled in me a desire to work towards addressing some of the problems I was exposed to. I began to pursue this goal by studying International Economics with an emphasis in development at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. While I enjoyed this field of study, I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to become a doctor and started taking premed classes during my junior year.

While applying to med school, I was encouraged by a mentor to not overlook local health disparities. He told me that I didn’t have go far to find people that were hurting and in need of someone that would listen to their problems. In light of this advice, I began working for an urban AIDS/HIV homeless shelter and became interested in addiction, homelessness, and the social determinants of health. These interests continued throughout medical school where I completed family medicine clerkships at a rural critical access facility and an urban homeless shelter. In both settings, I saw broad spectrum family medicine practiced in ways that I wanted to emulate to the best of my ability. I’m beyond grateful to be in Ventura training at one of the best programs in the country for full scope FM. The people here are exceptional and I’m so lucky to get to learn from them.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, SUP, surfing and hanging out with my wife Abby and our dog Penny.