Daryl Spak, MD

Daryl here, coming to Ventura by way of Buffalo, NY. Originally born in central Virginia, I moved to a small city in upstate New York before my first birthday where I spent my entire childhood playing soccer, long distance running, and trying my hand at several musical instruments. I grew up in a single-parent household with my mother who has worked as a physical therapist since before I was born. From very early on, she helped instill in me the importance of human connection and service to others – something that has followed me my entire life and has very much laid the foundation for my path into medicine.

I attended the University at Buffalo for my undergraduate studies where I majored in psychology and completed my pre-med coursework. Despite having committed to a career in medicine early in my education, I found myself deeply unsatisfied with my understanding of our healthcare system and how its shortcomings were impacting our ability to improve quality of life within our country. This lead me to pursue a graduate degree in public health at the University of Albany prior to attending medical school. During these three years, I had the privilege of working for a small start-up company as a healthcare data consultant, living overseas at a outpatient clinic in rural Uganda, and helping manage a free health clinic in downtown Albany.

I returned to my alma mater to attend medical school at the University of Buffalo in 2014, where I once again found myself gravitating toward opportunities rooted in primary care. Unlike any other area of medicine, Family Medicine lies uniquely at the intersection of continuity, prevention, education and the provision of comprehensive, high quality medical care for all populations.

It is truly both an honor and privilege to be training here at VCMC for Family Medicine residency. Since the day I arrived, I have continued to be both impressed and humbled by my fellow classmates, residents, staff and faculty. I look forward to working hard for the next three years alongside an amazing team to deliver high-quality full spectrum care to our patients and help improve the health of our community. I hope to one day use all that I will learn to serve others in whatever setting care may be needed, whether domestic or abroad. 

Outside of medicine, I try to adventure as much as possible. I enjoy trail running, hiking, camping, cooking, lounging in the hammock with a good book, and live music.

Last but certainly not least, Go Bills.