Christopher Lam, MD

I am overjoyed to be here in Ventura where I am in constant awe of my amazing classmates, staff, and essentially the entire community for their kindness and spirit. I grew up on Long Island, NY and went to Brown University in RI for medical school. Entering medical school I knew that I wanted to work with patients of all ages and so I naturally pursued the specialty of Family Medicine. After my 4th yr rotation on Block Island (13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island) I felt instantly drawn to the practice of remote/rural medicine. I wanted to be a doctor who could handle the incoming trauma, help a delivering mom, and accompany a town population as their primary care provider. Seeing the entire world as a human family drives me to learn how to best serve populations of diverse backgrounds and I feel incredibly lucky to be developing the skills to do so here at VCMC. I also am eternally grateful to my loved ones, friends and mentors who have accompanied me on my life journey so a shout out to everyone out there!