Ventura Global Health Fellowship


The Ventura faculty group is proud to partner with Ventura Global Health Project in offering a fellowship in global health. Our fellowship is designed to provide a hands-on global health experience at several domestic and international locations. Our goal is to support high quality, sustainable medical care in the communities we serve.

Application Timeline

  • Applications accepted - September 15th
  • Deadline for application submission - November 15th
  • Announcement of positions - December 15th


  • Up to 2 fellows per year


  • Up to six months abroad and six months at base location in Ventura. Minimum of three months at each international location at up to two international sites.


  • We will work with fellows to develop the best mix of location and duration at each site.
  • Location options
    • Ventura, California
    • Santo Tomás La Unión, Guatemala
    • Liberia
    • Ethiopia

Ventura - Primary Contact - Wallace Baker MD, Global Health Director, Ventura Global Health Fellowship

Educational and clinical experience in Ventura California. This experience will include work in a local clinical setting an average of 3 days per week with additional elective educational opportunities an average of 2 days per week. Clinical experiences available ultrasound training, inpatient infectious disease and outpatient TB and HIV clinic, dentistry, orthopedics, NICU, etc. Call opportunities for inpatient medicine and ER may exist. The core urgent care setting is in an urban underserved location with a moderate sized Mixteco population. Fellows will also be expected to lead residency interest group meetings and provide didactics on global health topics at residency core conference. We strive to be flexible and cater our on-site curriculum to the educational and career goals of the fellow as much as possible. We will work together to develop a research project to be presented at the AAFP Global Health summit.

Guatemala - Primary Contact - Zack Self MD, M.D., FAAFP

This experience takes place in the rural Guatemalan community of Santo Tomás La Unión, Suchitepéquez- a town of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. Despite the relatively small size of the base community, the patient catchment area easily exceeds 100,000- as many patients travel significant distances to seek accessible, compassionate, high quality, modern healthcare.

The host site is a unique purpose built model hybrid health center consisting of two outpatient clinic rooms, two inpatient beds, obstetric delivery bed, fully equipped operating room (with LED OR lights), and a state-of-the-art resuscitation area (which boasts- among other resources- an Oxylog 3000 ventilatorLUCAS mechanical CPR, and Ambu fiberoptic intubation scope). Ultrasound is the diagnostic imaging modality of choice- with handheld devices for use in the outpatient setting and a robust portable ultrasound for more comprehensive evaluations. There is an in-house laboratory- granting access to immediate point-of-care labs via the iSTAT handheld blood analyzer. A well-stocked pharmacy is on site. Patient care is documented on an iPad based EMR. The site is an authorized distributor of Ecofiltro point-of-use water filters (supported by CLEAN International).

The fellow will be heavily involved in every component of patient care: outpatient clinic, inpatient/hospitalist medicine, emergency medicine, resuscitation and critical care, obstetric care- including operative obstetrics when indicated.

Educational opportunities include: high fidelity in-situ simulation, hands-on ultrasound training (from basic POCUS to advanced echo), and airway training (gaining familiarity with direct and video laryngoscopy, as well as fiberoptic airway management).

Research opportunities exist.

Fellows will reside on-site at a newly remodeled penthouse suite, which sits atop the clinic structure and provides amazing views of the surrounding lush mountains.

Spanish language capability is strongly preferred, but not strictly obligatory (translation services available for Spanish and K’iche’ languages as needed).

Clinic Site Clinic Front Clinic Lobby Clinic Treatment Area

Ethiopia - Primary Contact - Michele Yates MD

This experience takes place in a 150-bed mission hospital located in the southern part of Ethoipia.  The hospital is a general acute care hospital.  There is a busy emergency room and outpatient department, adult ICU, NICU, inpatient peds, medicine and 100 deliveries per month.  There are two residency programs at the hospital, one in general surgery and the other in orthopedics. They are both affiliated with PAACS (Pan African Association Christian Surgeons).  We have multiple specialists on-site including national and international OB/gyn, Ortho, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Radiology, and Optho and 8-10 Ethiopian General Practitioners. The fellow’s focus will include learning to care for patients in a tropical, resource limited setting, as well as teaching GPs, nurses and midwives.  The fellow will participate in ER patient management, outpatient clinic care, team, rounds on pediatrics/NICU, medicine/ICU, and OB. We also have an active rheumatic heart disease screening program and work closely with two local “Children's Homes”. Patient documentation will be in English, but direct patient communication will be in one of Ethiopia's 83 languages. Translation will be provided.

Liberia - Primary contact - James Appel MD

St. Timothy’s Government Hospital in Robertsport, Liberia is the only hospital in Grand Cape Mount County for a population of 130,000. The population is 70% Muslim and one of the poorest counties in Liberia. The hospital was founded by the Episcopal Church sometime before 1918. The current structure was built by the American Army at the end of World War II and given to the Government to run in 1977. The hospital sits on a hill overlooking the ocean on one side and Lake Piso on the other. It has 50 beds and provides OB (including operative OB), primary surgery and hospital care for the entire county. There are basic laboratory and imaging services.

Additional Curricular Opportunities

  • Certification in tropical medicine through the West Virginia School of Tropical Medicine is required.
  • Lecture at the residency core didactic conference at least once on a global health topic
  • Serve as a mentor and participant in the VCMC residency global health interest group
  • Present at AAFP Global Health summit on a research topic
  • Reading list review and discussion with faculty mentor


  • Applicants will have successfully completed medical training in a US allopathic or osteopathic medical school and residency program.
  • Be eligible for medical license to practice in California in good standing
  • Be eligible for hospital privileging at Ventura County Medical Center
  • Be eligible for medical malpractice coverage
  • Health Insurance prior to program commencement
  • Travel Insurance prior to international travel
  • Spanish language skills are preferred but not required


  • Compensation consists of a salary while performing urgent care shifts in Ventura (approximately $9,000 per month spent in Ventura), along with a Ventura Global Health Project Grant ($5,000 per month spent international) to offset all travel and living expenses at international sites. Fellows will spend a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 9 months internationally.
  • An additional $5,000 stipend is available to fellows with a spouse as well as an additional $10,000 stipend available for fellows with children or spouse + children.
  • “Moonlighting” options may be available in Ventura for additional revenue
  • Vacation – Up to 6 weeks of vacation available per year. There is a one-week maximum to come from the time spent in Ventura with agreement from host clinical supervisor. Fellows are encouraged to take vacation time between rotations. Timing of all vacation with approval of host supervisor.
  • A $2600 stipend is available to cover textbooks and Butterfly iQ ultrasound transducer. Reimbursement upon receipt.


We welcome inquires! Please send all inquiries to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please send all applications for the fellowship to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications should include a cover letter stating the reasons for your interest in the fellowship as well as your curriculum vitae and 3 references.

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