Obstetrics and Gynecology

Every delivery at VCMC is performed by a Ventura resident, and residents are involved with all postpartum and antepartum care. During the day, a PGY-1 resident is “on deck” with both a family physician and an obstetrician immediately available for supervision and teaching. Overnight a PGY-2 or PGY-3 manages the OB floor with a family physician and obstetrician who are available by phone for consultation and come into the hospital when needed.  This progressive responsibility allows residents to build their skills independently managing labor and delivering babies.  A NICU staff member is always in house, and residents help with neonatal resuscitations.  Postpartum patients are managed as couplets, so the resident who performs the delivery will care for both the mother and newborn until discharge.

All C-sections are done by a resident with an obstetrician or fellowship-trained family physician. Residents may sign up for additional (paid) C-section call overnight, and motivated residents have logged over 100 operations.  Residents scrub into gynecologic cases 3-4 days a week as well.  Residents are the primary operators for cesarian deliveries, tubal ligations, diagnostic D&Cs, suction D&Cs for incomplete SAbs and other procedures. On outpatient days residents rotate through our OB-GYN clinic and high-risk OB clinics, as well as an optional experience at Planned Parenthood.

Women's health and maternity care are an integral part of family medicine.  Residents are priveleged to participate in such an important event in a family as the mother's pregnancy and the baby's birth.  We take pride in the fact that about two-thirds of our graduates include obstetrics in their practice, and approximately 30% have C-section priveleges.

2 months of each academic year are dedicated to the OB-Gyn and Couplet Care rotation.

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