Emergency Room

The ER experience is both focused and longitudinal.  

A dedicated month each year provides concentrated ER training, while evening and weekend shifts scattered throughout other rotations maintain skills over a longitudinal experience.  Our residents take the role of the primary ER resident, assessing and stabilizing patients under the supervision of our ER staff physicians. Residents learn acute care, accumulate procedural experience, and get point-of-care ultrasound training.  

PGY-1 residents have two 2-week night-float blocks where they work alongside the PGY-3.

PGY-2 residents have a dedicated month of daytime ER where they gain additional experience and confidence in preparation for their senior rotation.  

The experience culminates with the PGY-3 "Night ER Doctor" rotation, a month-long block in which the family resident is the primary ER provider under the supervision of an in-house attending.   

All residents also cover weekend ER shifts over the course of several rotations. 

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