With four elective rotations over the three years, residents have an opportunity to focus their training on their personal career goals. We allow residents a good deal of latitude in creating experiences in the VCMC system and around Southern California that will fit their specific training needs.  Residents have created a wide variety of elective opportunities to supplement their core residency training.  Popular choices include language school, radiology, podiatry, dermatology, infectious diseases, and ultrasound.

Residents are allowed 6 weeks of "away elective" time in which they may rotate outside of Southern California.  Most residents take advantage of this opportunity to either travel internationally or explore locations elsewhere in the USA.  International electives have taken residents to Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Chad, Ethiopia, Nepal, China, Haiti, and many other locations.  Many residents also use away elective time to explore settings that they are considering for future careers.  Ventura alumni can be found just about anywhere, paving the way for a wide range of experiences.

PGY-1 has one month, PGY-2 has one month, and PGY-3 has two months of elective.

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