Continuity Clinic

The Academic Family Medicine Center, our continuity clinic, is where residents become family physicians.  This clinic, located on the VCMC campus, is the hub of the continuity experience and the resident's "home" during residency.  There are four suites, each containing 7-8 exam rooms, organized around a nursing station with the medical secretary, clinic assistants and a registered nurse to help you see patients. You will have a home suite and be part of the team with your fellow residents and staff, seeing patients 2 - 4 half days a week.  

A secondary family practice site opened in 2106 at Las Islas, a FQHC clinic in the neighboring town of Oxnard, allowing senior residents an opportunity to experience practice in a FQHC setting.

Teaching: The full time family practice faculty bring years of experience to precepting resident physicians. We believe continuity and a sensitive approach to dealing with the patient as a person is the key to family medicine. The behavioral sciences are emphasized as integral to patient management. In addition, community family physicians are employed as preceptors to work on a weekly basis, bringing their "real world" experience to give the residents a well-rounded perspective.

Patients: The majority of patients are invited into your practice by residents; from your rotations in the ER, OB, Peds and Medicine clinics or inpatient services. Others are inherited from graduating residents. Some of our patients have "raised" several generations of doctors. We have a very interesting, diverse patient population. The main mission of VCMC is to provide high quality patient care to the underserved and thus the majority of our patients have public health insurance or no insurance. However, about 20% of the Family Care patients are employees of the county government.  Residents get a wide range of experience in treating people from all walks of life. The presence of the insured population also helps ensure that all patients, affluent or poor, are seen in a clean, pleasant atmosphere by competent, caring staff.

Continuity: Patients see the resident as their own personal doctor. Every effort is made to schedule patients with their physician, even when the patient calls for a last-minute appointment. The nurse in the suite is often familiar with the patients and serves to improve continuity as well. Residents have the option of following their own patients when they are admitted to the hospital. Maternity patients from AFMC are delivered by their resident doctor and the baby and family are followed subsequently by the resident in AFMC. Patients become quite attached to their doctor. In order to train to become a family physician, you must be a family physician in your training. Continuity is a major part of that experience, something we emphasize strongly in the VCMC Academic Family Medicine Center.

Women's Health:The primary care practice in the AFMC gives you lots of opportunities in Women's Health. Maternity continuity patients are followed through prenatal care and delivered by their resident physician. There is an ultrasound in AFMC which is taught by family medicine faculty. Residents place IUDs, do endometrial biopsy, colposcopy and other gyn procedures in AFMC in the practice of full spectrum women's health. Our system has a state of the art DEXA machine and Cheryl Lambing, MD, one of our core faculty, is a nationally recognized expert in osteoporosis.

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