Maura Olcese, MD

I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, a small, rural watermen's town, and developed my love of the ocean and appreciation for community. I went to undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and as an anthropology and psychology major, first started to consider medicine. After college, I worked in pediatric oncology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, working as a research assistant on studies aimed at parent, physician, and patient communication and prognostic understanding.

This formative experience would influence my ideas of communication and patient physician relationships all throughout medical school at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. With a big picture mindset and a desire to incorporate my interests in public health, but wanting to hone in on one-on-one relationships and hands on care, family medicine seemed to capture it all, especially at VCMC.

My medical interests are in adolescent health, especially adolescent mental health and addiction, and gun violence as a public health issue.

Since moving to Ventura, I've enjoyed running on the trails, exploring the town on my bike, enjoying fish tacos, and expanding my love of water sports.