Chloe Ekelem, MD

Morehouse School of Medicine

Hello everyone. I grew up in a small bubble of LA called Walnut, left California for Atlanta, GA where I attended Emory and learned about the rest of the world. My schooling continued there as I completed an MPH in Behavioral Science and Health Education, focusing on patient-physician relationships and systemic racism in healthcare. I Stayed in Georgia to go to Morehouse School of Medicine, where I learned about the field of fields, Family Medicine, during third year and decided it was a perfect fit for my public health interests. I feel  grateful for matching at Ventura as I learn more about why it’s the greatest FM residency everyday.  My favorite aspects about being here so far are the plentiful fruit trees, the visible stars, the happy people who are the most genuinely dedicated to the underserved that I have ever met.

My interests in medicine include population health, preventive health, and palliative care.  

In my free time I enjoy visiting family, watching movies, biking, finding free fruit, and dancing to songs on repeat.