Aubrey Jordan, MD

University of Chicago

Hi friends!

Here are my stats:
Hometown: Redwood City in the Bay Area.  Oldest of 3.
College: Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  Psych and Gender Studies. Always wanted to be a doctor.
{Mind the gap! 2 years off,: a year spent getting my Masters and a year spent as a nanny}
Med School: University of Chicago.

I always thought I would be a surgeon, but during my surgery rotation I longed for the variety and continuity that I thought I could never find in the modern medical landscape.

But then I discovered Ventura. It was my time here as an extern that cemented my commitment to broad-spectrum family medicine. I saw during my externship here that this was undoubtedly the place to be trained under the banner of the ethos “From Cradle to Grave”. Well, actually, “From Womb to Grave”.

I came here because this was the program that showed me all that broad-spectrum family medicine could encompass, and how impressed I was by the graduating third year residents that personified the capacity of this program to produce exceptionally competent generalists. I was floored by how bright and unlimited their varied futures looked. I know if I can get through this residency I will be the competent physician I need to be to claim I can care for the whole family, deliver their babies, perform many of their procedures, and stand as witness to their major life events both in illness and wellness.

Oh, and the sun is always shining, the ocean is steps away, and the small town feeling has made me feel right at home.  A feeling that is so crucial wherever you go.