Max Goldstein, MD

University of California, Los Angeles

Hello, hello! I hope that you are doing well. My name is Max, I grew-up in Los Angeles and spent most of my youth at the beach. During high school, my adventurous spirit took root and I went to Caracas, Venezuela as an exchange student for a year, and ended up in the home of a Venezuelan doctor. The experience was profoundly influential in my decision to pursue a career not only as a doctor, but specifically as a one who could treat the basic health care needs of any community…which is what we can do as Family Doctors!

After that experience in Venezuela, I set soar for about 10 years before starting medical school at age 26. During that decade, I completed my undergraduate degree in Romance Languages and Biology at Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine (Go U-Bears!!), studied Arabic in Sana’a, Yemen, worked on a banana plantation on Martinique Island, and spent each of my summers as an Ocean Lifeguard/EMT with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. One of my most memorable experiences during those years happened while on the year-long Watson Fellowship I received after finishing college, where I swam across the Strait of Gibraltar with a pod of pilot whales.

I ended-up back home in Los Angeles for Medical School at UCLA, where I was very involved in youth outreach, community activism, and served as my class president. The Ventura County Family Medicine Residency Program came onto my radar as a first year medical student, and honestly, I’ve been waiting to begin my training here ever since! We work hard, really hard, but we learn so much and are incredibly rewarded for our work. From the patients who genuinely appreciate and need our care, to the attending physicians who are incredible teachers, to the core philosophy that supports our program- that we can be skilled comprehensivists. And then outside of the hospital, the ocean is just a mile away, and you can go from a busy day on Labor and Delivery, to the depths of the ocean where you can be sprayed by the mists of newborn baby dolphins (yes, this has happened to me, on more than one occasion).

So, in my opinion, this is the place to be. Whether you plan on working in the inner city, the rural mid-west, or internationally, the training here will prepare you for the many career options of a family physician.