Kristin King, MD

University of Hawaii

I was born in San Diego and raised in Hawaii.  I spent my childhood summers and winter breaks traversing between the beautiful cities visiting family. Growing up inbetween two diverse cities instilled in me a love for culture, traveling and sparked various interests ranging from the outdoors, such as surfing, standup paddling, hiking, backpacking in Yosemite and Kings Canyon; to more artistic interests such as enjoying attending folk music or Celtic music festivals, improv comedy shows and plays. 

From the age of five I knew I wanted to be a physician. My parents taught me to have a love for learning, the importance of being well-rounded and to have compassion for others around me. With that in mind I chose to attend a liberal arts college in Santa Barbara called Westmont. During those four years as a premed student I took advantage of the opportunity to study and volunteer abroad in places including Uganda, India, Egypt in the Middle East studying culture, religion and politics and working in orphanages and hospices. The time spent there greatly shaped my life perspective.

The culmination of those experiences along with my own upbringing led me into medicine and gave me a heart to care for the underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged. I feel that family medicine with broad spectrum training is the best specialty for me to be able to live out the values that I hold in my career as a physician.

Last summer, I did a sub internship at Ventura County Medical Center and knew that this was the program where I wanted to train. I saw a commitment and dedication to the local underserved population as well as a strong interest in global medicine.  The excellence of the teaching, the supportive community I find in my co-residents, faculty and extending to the hospital staff has exceeded my expectations.

I have a strong interest in women and children's health care as well as HIV medicine. In the future I hope to work both locally and internationally as the opportunities arise.