Karen Kayekjian, DO

Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine

I grew up in the suburbs of San Fernando Valley not too far from Ventura watching my parents care for a multicultural, underserved community.  My father offered his medical expertise as a pediatrician and my mother offered her counseling and social work skills.  To me, primary care was a necessity in the community and one that I felt inclined to fulfill. My passionate interest in women’s health directed me towards the more surgical field of Ob/Gyn and I thought for a long time that that was my calling. Two events changed my mind. I recall seeing patients in the Ob/Gyn clinic and always feeling incomplete after I would place aside their countless medical problems and only address their surgical complaint.  And then, I completed a medicine rotation at Ventura County Medical Center and suddenly I had found the missing piece to my vision as a full spectrum medical doctor.   The depth and breadth of family medicine was not palpable for me until I observed residents at work here at VCMC. They managed chest tubes and performed bedside ultrasounds for patients on the floor as well as performed joint injections and placed implants and intrauterine devices for patients in the Academic Family Medicine Center, all the while coordinating the complex care of all of their patients.

I am so grateful to have an opportunity to learn from remarkable leaders in the field of family medicine at VCMC. And I am thrilled to grow and develop as a physician among many like-minded colleagues. I hope to apply my skills and passion to working as a community physician and educator in an underserved community where I can focus on reproductive, maternal and child health.  I truly believe that I will gather the experiences necessary to meet the needs of primary care in my community and to ultimately continue the work of my parents.