John Paul Kelada, MD

University of Vermont

Thanks for checking us out! Sac-town (area) born and raised, I'm (still) a firm believer that the Sacramento Kings are going to be the next NBA champions. I went to undergrad at UCSD, where I studied human biology and studied abroad both in Spain and Mexico. I received my med school training at the University of Vermont, and I had the opportunity to spend 2 months of my 4th year working at Cho Ray hospital in Vietnam. After working with an indigenous healer to a Mayan group during my college years, I realized how intimate of a field medicine is. And, to make a long story short, who in the world needs more care than those who have it least? Which group can you impact the most other than those who don't have access to healthcare?

I, like most of my colleagues here, became enthralled with VCMC's breadth of training and envisioning how such training would serve me in resource-limited settings. That's why I'm stoked to be here at VCMC. To have the training to be a village doctor. Whether working with colleagues at a trauma hospital or being the lone wolf out in the field, I'm excited about how the training here prepares me to achieve my goal of learning medicine: to be ready to wander to all corners of the earth and still practice amazing care.

Some of my hobbies: reading, discussing politics, arm-knitting, and falling-off-surfboards (don't get this last one confused with surfing... this new sport takes much more skill)