Seth Alkire, MD

Georgetown University

I was raised in Greeley, a small town in Northeastern Colorado. Upon graduating from high school, I took my passion for science and math to the University of Denver to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. Two years into my degree, I was inspired to change course and enter the world of medicine. This change in career took me to EMT school, Haiti for 6 months where I worked as a medical assistant, and ultimately, to Georgetown University School of Medicine where I discovered my passion for Family Medicine.

In medical school, I quickly learned the impact and value that primary care physicians bring to their community. In the setting of a rapidly changing political climate in Washington, DC, and with the ACA setting the stage for a new era of medicine Nationally, I made the decision to specialize in Family Medicine. This career choice turned out to fit me perfectly, as I strive to deliver quality, cost-effective care to patients from all backgrounds.

My decision to train at VCMC was driven by the program’s national renown and for its dedication to serving the underprivileged with evidence-based, compassionate care. I was further enticed by the program’s strength in procedure training, surgical obstetrics, emergency medicine and critical care. I hope to take my training to wherever my life takes me; which is what I love about Family Medicine: becoming the best doctor to fulfill the needs within whatever community I find myself. ‚Äč