Jessica Chan, DO

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University
I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where I fell in love with both surburban and city life.  When it came time for undergrad, I made my first journey away from home to UCLA where I earned my bachelor of science degree in Psychbiology.  While attending UCLA, I participated in a volunteer program called CareExtenders that allowed me to rotate through different departments of the UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital.  I was still not convinced that I wanted to go into medicine after graduating from UCLA so I moved in with my grandparents in San Francisco, took classes at UC Berkeley, coordinated a healthy psychology research project at UCSF, and worked as a medical assistant.  My cousin, who is a gastroenterologist in Chicago, finally convinced me to apply for medical school and I excitedly made my way to the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University.  There, another cousin and I spent 4 very fun years of medical school together, learning and practicing osteopathic manipulative treatments on each other, and spending time with all our family.   To my surprise, I fell in love with the Midwest!  In Chicago, experienced my very first blizzard and discovered what a "polar vortex" is!  During my last year of med school, I finally traveled abroad to Guatemala for 2 weeks with a group of D.O.s, pharmacists, nurses, interpreters, and staff to hold clinics in villages that have yet to be reached annually through the DOCARE program.  It was such a humbling experience!
When deciding on a residency program, I was torn between staying in the Midwest and returning home to California.  However, I knew that I wanted to be in a program that would train me well in all aspects of family medicine.  There is a feeling you get when you walk into a room full of residents and you just know they know what they are doing in their hospital and they do it well.  That's what I felt when I visited VCMC, and that's exactly how I want to be.  The training here will provide me with the necessary skills to manage traumas, high-risk OB, a wide variety of medicine pathology, and outpatient issues while obtaining plenty of exposure in the ED, OR, and ICU.  I figured residency is my last chance to formally learn/train, so I better do it somewhere amazing!  Warm weather, sunshine, and the ocean 2 miles away are great additional perks, and the entire residency family is so kind and supportive!
Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, eating (I'm hoping to obtain foodie status), pumpkin spice lattes, exploring the great outdoors, dancing, photography, baking/cooking, campfires and bonfires, listening to country music, and sitting at coffee shops.